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appreciated. i worked 14.5 hours yesterday and night they were looking for more, you can only work so much. >> afscme could not reach a agreement with the city last time around so the city imposed a contract that included a pay cut. kelley had to give up a horse she had for 13 years and the supervisor lost her home. >> i work hard, i got my job, i saved for my house and i feel like it was tornway from me because of the budget cuts. you take 12% of my pay, for a single person. i cannot make my anymore. >> look at the difference in response times. four years ago, 95% of calls were answered in ten seconds. by the second quarter of this fiscal year, only 90% of calls
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were answered within the ten seconds. people calming 911 with emergencies waited 4.5 seconds ned of 2.5, and people calling 311 with nonemergencies waited nearly minute. the dispatchers say the job is getting harder and not because of the calls we take. >> and the not knowing, how much more are they going to take. how much more can you alter your life, there's a point you lose everything. >> now the city of san jose may end the year with a projected surplus of $10 million. even with that, mayor reed said that the city cannot afford to give the pay cuts back to the employees. but he would consider bonuses to retain police officers, whether or not that applies to the dispatchers behind the scene. we will wait and see. >> now, a follow-up to the story we broke on nbc bay area at
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11:00, casino m8 trix is suing the city saying they are being prevented from doing business. >> janelle, this 31-page lawsuit was filed in superior court and federal court, at issue is the fact that, casino m8trix delayed its opening by four months. they filed a lawsuit against the city of san jose alleging harassment that impacted the card club's ability to do business in the tower. the unreasonable conditions are claimed to have delayed the opening by four months which owners say cost the casino millions and cost the city at least $300,000 the in revenues. >> we just want to be treated like any other normal business would be who is legal and permitted in the city of san jose and we feel we are not being. we feel there's a double standard out there and we just want to have a level playing field. >> the lawsuit claims richard
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teng, administrators of the department's gaming control had a conflict of interest and used his position of power to carry out a campaign of that is rasment. >> in deposition, mr. cheng admitted to working for tribal casinos. that concerns us. tribal casinos in the state, outside the state are competition and they would love to see this ka soo he know go out of wisdom. >> with a phone interview today, richard teng said there's no conflict. and all the work as an independent contractor has approved. he said that he had not worked with any casino since 1985. the representative of casino m8trix said he will leave it to the courts to get to the bottom of the issue. the casino operators say this
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lawsuit is critical as they move forward with additions to the hotel. >> president obama's state of the union address is less than an hour away. the speech is mandated by the constitution and white house officials say it will be wide ranging. >> we are live in capitol hill, steve, what is the tone and goal for the president tonight? >> well, the tone is the question mark. good evening. he will definitely talk about north korea, and afghanistan and, jobs, immigration and guns, those are the topics, the tone we will have to wait and see. will president obama talk compromise or vow to win his way on the big issues? >> we will find out everything that i have to say tonight. >> the headline could be the obama announcement that he will bring home 34,000 u.s. forces from afghanistan, but he will
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warn the military could be hurt by spending cuts march 1st, the sequester. outside the capitol, protesters were protesting the cuts that would hit social services. preventing sequester cuts requires a deal on taxes and spending. that the president has called for in previous state of the union speeches. but there's still no agreement. >> we have a spending debt crisis not a revenue debt crisis and you have to make the right diagnosis. >> the obama prescription is to spend more to put americans back to work and pay for that by higher taxes on the wealthy. the liberal agenda that he laid out at his inaugural, angering republicans. >> saying things that positioning him on the far left of the political spectrum is not a great way to achieve accomplishments out of divided government. >> the president will push measures to stop gun violence.
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>> her mother had a message for lawmakers. >> you guys signed up for the job. do something. >> do something on guns, on the budget and on immigration, that is sure to be the obama message tonight. for their prime time response, republicans are turning to a rising gop star. senator marco rubio of florida that will give part of of his response remarks in spanish. live from the u.s. capitol, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. steve. with all the grid lock on capitol hill, a post report said that president obama plans to use his executive powers often in the second term. >> the fact that there's bipartisan ship beginning to show itself on immigration gives
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us hope to get things done. >> president obama is willing to take action on his own if he needs to be but knows that the american people expect the lawmakers to work together to move the america forward. the speech team added language to address the latest nuclear test by north korea. it's stirring anger and raising tension around the world. the test means north korea has dee fied orders to shut down nuclear activity. even china, a long-time ally of north korea, opposed the test. the test had a greater explosive force than the previous two tests. stay tuned to hear the state of the union address live starting at 6:00 tonight, we will also carry the republican response and of course, we will have complete analysis tonight at 11:00. >> the first lady has several guests. including apple's ceo particular
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coo o -- ceo tim cook. he did address a lawsuit by a shareholder this morning. the claim is that the company is shorting shareholders and keep cash on the books and cook described it as a silly side shoe. apple has $137 billion in cash on hand. the stock has lost 35% of its value in recent months. >> tough at any age. a local group proving you are never too old to defend yourself. we will introduce you to the art of kacane-do. >> and the health risk that comes from being first born. >> temperatures close to 70, and gillroy was one of the warmest at 67. we will have details on when we
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>> update on the breaking news that we have been following all day, the manhunt for christopher dorner, the fugitive excop, you are looking at a live look at the cabin that police believe he is hiding in. now on fire for the past hour. the cabin is surrounded, it's not confirmed whether he is still in there or escaped. we are following the story and will bring you updates. in health matters, if you are the first-born child, you may be at a higher risk of developing diabetes later in life. old et children had more difficulty absorbing sugar and had higher daytime blood pressure. it appears that there's changes to a mother's uterus that increases in neutrients for mut
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children. the first borns tend to be taller and slimmer than their younger siblings. >> we begin with good news. the crime rate in the u.s. is down 65% over the past 20 years. but there's still many people that feel unsafe in their communities and feel the communities are more dangerous. that includes seniors. we will see a group of seniors that are trying to change it. >> of all the challenges that come with advanced age, loss of independence is the toughest, and it's not always because of physical problems. sometimes they shrink from their world because they do not feel safe outside of it. you reverse the fear, you improve the quality of life. that is what the folks in tonight's bay area proud are trying to do. >> it is a contradiction that
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anyone that trained in a martial art knows. there's a confidence that coming with mastery. one that projects the message, don't mess with me. >> let's try it from the holster position. which is terrific advice if you come across one of these folks. >> senior citizens skilled in the art of cane-d ofrmt, this gathering this past saturday in danville included a number of instructors from the east bay. >> i tell them to stop where you are. >> like bob. >> and if they come on to me. >> bob has been involved in martial arts in one way or another for 50 of his 78 years. he learned it from a master a few years ago and he said he wants to spend whatever years he has left to teach as many other seniors as you can.
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>> it's how you carry yourself and the cane. >> the concept is simple. teaching seniors how to turn a cane, often a sign of weakness into something very much the opposite. >> we have discovered that it is a very awesome defensive tool. it's not a weapon. it's a tool. >> those who teach it. >> he tied me up. >> say it transtomorrows lives. >> it gives you that extra confidence that you can go anywhere and be with anybody and feel relatively safe. >> there you go. much better. >> freedom and independence, given to them by a simple wooden stick and the knowledge on how to use it. >> good hit. >> now, i think you could tell from the story not everyone in the class needs a cane to walk, but they realized it's a magnificent tool for self defense, even if they do not carry need it, they carry it,
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they go out for walks at night, and do things was outside their comfort zone because of the class. >> walk tall and carry a big stick. >> i would not want to be on the other end of that. >> thank you. >> in other news, cliff house is now the sight of an experiment in wind energy. the national park service installed a new wind turbine at the site. it will power the gift shop and the restaurant. it took in neighbor's concerns about noise and visibility as well as concerns about protecting wild life. >> well, it will be moving slowly, so it will -- the birds will easily be able to see them and stay away from them. >> wind turbine is part of a three-year poilt project. let's bring in jeff ranieri. we have been talking this week of weather guilt around here because everyone else in the country is not having it as good as we do. >> a bit of that happening here.
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with plenty of sunshine and temperatures about five to ten degrees above our averages and rare winter warmth. close to 70 in february. that is unheard of. mill valley at 67 and gilroy 67 and you thought this was warm? as we go lew the week, with we were forecasting 70s. last time we had weather this warm, it would have been november 15th. three months since temperatures surged up to these levels. once we hit the 70s, it will be above our average. current numbers dropping to the upper 50s and low 60s. let's go outside. while it has been sunny the other component is the haze. it's visible on the sky camera right now. and then as we take you up here to san francisco and this view from oakland looking back towards sf and you can see all of the haze in the atmosphere as
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well. it's at moderate levels, that air quality, you have that pollen that is up there as well that is factored into a view. we have a stubborn region of high pressure in the pacific. that is why we are not getting changes. all of the rainfall is diverted up to the north. unusually dry as we go through wednesday and thursday's forecast. great for the tan, let's say, but bad for the vegetable gardens and your lawn. we have not seen anything over two inches of rainfall since before january. coastline, 50s and 60s. not entirely beach weather and the interior valley, 60s and 70s. biggest problem continues to be if you do suffer from allergies, are you are in the moderate category. meanwhile, for the morning hours, we will start off clear and cold. the north bay, 36 in santa rosa
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and 35 in livermore and 39 in redwood city. daytime highs, surge for south bay. possibly 70 in gilroy, and 64 inspect palo alto. for the east bay, not quite as warm, still very comfortable with those sunny skies in mid 60s and this will be the spot beat. 69 in san ra fell. 66 in an that rosa and 63 in san francisco. on your three day forecast. sunny skies and cloud cover is increasing as we go through next week, we are looking at a chance of showers by tuesday. it's not much, about a 40%. it will be a dry system that moves to the north to the south, over land. so it's not good for inches of rainfall. dry valentine's forecast, no excuse for going out and taking care of that loved one. >> taking care of business. >> can't blame it on the weather
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guy. >> a family business for the giants. why is bruce bochy's son at spring training.
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>> nbc bay area is the proud broadcast home of the world giants and today we got to say the magic word. pitchers and catchers report. >> thank you, pitchers and catchers have reported here to giants spring training. when you think of pitchers and catchers you look at a current pitcher in the's organization, and a former major league catcher that is now the family. >> you have the griffeys the boones the bells and we are talking about the bochys. a quick look around the giants spring training clubhouse and you see dozens of jerseys for around 70 players with one last
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name very familiar. pitcher brett bochy the son of manager bruce is making a name for himself in the organization and joining the club for spring training. >> it will definitely be special, i will try to enjoy the experience. great on to have my dad around, and he can watch me. he that is not been able to watch me over the years. it will be a great experience. >> it's added stress that do not know i needed. i'm proud of him. he had a great year. he earned his invite with the job that he did last year. you know, always neat thing. >> the spring training after a world series victory brings swagger to the clubhouse for certain, and one of the perks of being the champs is getting the rings to let the world know. and the early days of camp, offer the opportunity to size up the players ring fingers. >> they have the luxury of saying, hey, it's on file since they have gotten one in 2010. so some of the new guys, it's
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exciting for them to go down and get sized. so, it's a bit of a process, but everyone is excited about it. >> and the giants will get the rings at a special ceremony on sunday april the 7th. mark your calendars. we are just getting started on the coverage of the team's training. that is the scene from arizona, let's go back to the studio. >> you perked up when the ring fitting came up. >> women love it. that means something special is coming. >> we will be all over the giens and a's.
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>> an update on the news in southern california, police
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believe that chris dorner is hiding in this cabin in big bear, that cabin has been burning for more than an hour, it's unknown if he is inside the cabin or if he is dead or alive at the moment. he has been on the run since last week. earlier today he got in a gun fight with police, one deputy is dead and another in the hospital. we will continue the story later on tonight. [ male announcer ] tender sirloin
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we are here obviously on capitol hill in washington, prior to the president's state of the union address this evening, but the news at this hour remains on the west coast. it's centered on a cabin in the san bernadino mountains in california, where police have exchanged gunfire with someone

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